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So disappointing. Why not give more age appropriate actresses a job or get younger men? Why only discriminate against older actresses? Bel Jul 20 am I am so touched with the story. I do feel Bae Soo Bong here, I mean she did nothing wrong to feel that pain so much, it's just that, all of a sudden the one that she loves the most get in love with someone else.

If you try to deep thought of it, she is the first, she was the one who has the right to complain about, she has the right to do whatever that she wanted to do, because if you try to fill yourself on her shoes will you just give up if you know in the first place that he was yours at first? But going back to the story and going to the Protagonist, I loved it, because she gives hope to everyone who has nothing left on their time clock, we all knew that its really impossible to see how much of your time left in true life and i believe that no one will, but this story has a life lesson to learn to some person who new that their time is ticking those who are sick, i believe, If your sick and you knew that you have a little time left, you will do the same as what mika did.

But this story tells us that no matter how long or short your life is, you still deserved to be loved and be loved. Meeboyi Jul 19 pm Cute and romantic story Different that other K-drams. Great storyline. Flowerist Jul 19 pm Dont believe anyone here. These people cant feel any emotions who saying "it was boring" or "ending is stupid" etc so thats why they lowering ratings of this amazing show.

They will never understand real love and happiness, because they only like action and absurd thrillers. Just believe me and you wont regret this. Its amazingly done and beatifully made piece of work with outstanding story and acting.

When is The Crown season 3 on Netflix? Cast, plot and true story behind the drama

Emma Jul 18 pm for me it was a wast of time, it was boring and the ending was so stupid. Flower Jul 18 am I have been rooting for this drama before it was aired. I wanted to know, what is it about time? Am curious how was the plotting? So, what i can say is, the first 8 episodes was hilarious, fun, and i enjoyed it. Later on, the story plotting decline as there is not much romance, chemistry between the two lead role is obviously not so good. Please don't make a story plotting where the female lead so stubborn and avoiding from being loved.

Viewer will get annoyed! I bet that. Overall, i manage to watched it until the final episode, and they wrap it up nicely. Well done! I recommend it to you, if you are lee sung kyung fans, and love melodrama genre. Sung Kyung Jul 18 am The drama started out fine but as it reaches around episode 7 or 8 it started getting a little boring.

I think they dragged too much on the breakup part. This is my personal opinion, i honestly felt that sang yoon's acting wasn't that good. But i gotta say that the actor's and actress acting were good enough, it was just that the script wasn't written nicely. I hope all the cast gets to be in a drama with better storyline next time, especially lee sung kyung.

This is maybe my fifth comment. I love all about this drama. Simply because i love Melodrama. Honestly i dont understand why you guys say this drama boring. For me, i can fall into the character and i understand completely what the plot like that. And also why with SooBong character. Yes, Doha ask her for marry first but it is before he meet Mika which is before his anxiety become better. Come on people, i dont want to type anymore. Just understand the flow properly. Just drop the drama if you dont like. Like how i drop Wok Of Love eventhough i am a fan of Jang Hyuk because it is so cringy to watch the leads and there are too many scenes of them too.

I think this is a perfectly fine script and scene - which got accepted by TVN to invest in this and make this a drama. Bye bye. Catya Jul 16 am This drama had potential in the beginning but around episode 8 it went downhill and it losts its way.

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Around episode 8 the story of this drama starts to drag and the plot got really boring. The ending of this drama was also unrealistic. I feel bad for Lee asking Kyun and I hope she gets better roles than this in th future. Linda Jul 16 am First half of the drama was okay. But after that I just felt boring. I didn't like mika's acting, a liitle bit annoying. Not recommeded. The storyline is dragging and characters are annoying. I'm glad sang hyun took this role tho, i was so frustrated after moving on from whisper.

Such a lovely otp. Wish both of you success in future projects. Sunday Jul 12 pm The first half of this drama was nice to watch, but the second half began to drag. I honestly didn't pay much attention to some scenes because I knew they weren't important. I'm not sure what went wrong on the second half. Either the writer was running out of ideas or had too much ideas but couldn't cram them all up in those few episodes left I'm not sure if this makes sense.

I just felt that there were some issues that were created unnecessarily when they could have filled it in with something else. She was frustrating. It wasn't horrible, but I definitely wouldn't watch it again because it was simply boring during the second half. Nikki Jul 12 am At first, this drama was promising in the beginning and then it started to get draggy and boring. Lee Sung Kyun's character was very frustrating and I sometimes wanted to shake her and knock some sense into her.

I really hope Lee Sung Kyung gets better roles than this because she deserves much better! Many people watched this drama and stopped after some episodes but I'm glad I stayed till the end. This drama is going to be one of my favourite kdramas all the time. The basic concept of how we use time in our lives may have had potential, but the screenwriter s and the director could not do anything interesting with it. The excellent actors acted professionally.

They did their best and gave us some good moments. But they could not rescue the weak, disjointed script. When the plot was at a dead-end, new characters popped-up out of nowhere. At the end of a drama, the final two episodes of a drama often show in a sharp light the qualities of screenwriters and the skills of directors. In great dramas such as "Mother" or "Rain or Shine", the final two episodes bring the entire story to a beautiful, moving close.

The same is also true of good comedies about today's life. And we feel good. So, in the last episode they serve us a messy pile of short clips from the previous 15 eps. Who will feel good with that? Ben Jul 11 pm What Ive learned in watching kdrama is that, we viewers must not rely on how people react Or give their opinion in a specific drama because it can affect our perspective in whats gonna happen in the current drama we are watching.

We must see it ourselves because everyone has different taste.

Once Upon a Time (TV Series –) - IMDb

Huhu makes me cry alot. HHZ Jul 11 am If you guys are considering either to watch this drama or not, here are the few things I wanna say about it. In the first few episodes, they were good, because we will be intrigued with a new concept of people can look through a life's clock. But the drama itself doesn't use this concept as a whole. In later episodes, they were too draggy, tiresome, and boring.

We couldn't even feel the love sparks between the leads. To consider that Sang Hyun and Sung Kyung are talented artistes, this drama is actually bringing them down.

Who is in the cast of The Capture?

The only thing that I had always been looking forward to, was only Rowoon's character who's much fluffier than the leads. Friez Jul 11 am Does anyone knw who played park hye ran role? It was nice though! I want to hear it more and more.

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