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The ability to locate interested consumers and direct them to your Web site is a priceless advantage, and if you are not yet utilizing Internet marketing, you are missing out. The way real estate is marketed, bought, and sold is being revolutionized by the Internet, and the way real estate agents do business is being changed forever. The Internet is just one tool — albeit a vital tool — in real estate marketing that all real estate agents and brokers must analyze to decide whether marketing their listings and services online offers a great enough return on the investment in marketing costs.

Brokers, Between the Lines

Many real estate agents and brokers who market heavily online and have a strong Internet presence in their local area have seen a corresponding increase in their sales and their income, as well as a decrease in expenditures on items such as newspaper advertisements and gas used on wasted trips. Often, real estate service providers are concerned that promoting their Web sites will cost them a fortune that they will not be able to recover in corresponding sales.

The truth is quite the opposite: Online marketing of real estate Web sites is a cost-effective way of reaching out to anyone in the world interested in buying or selling property in your local area. An even better feature is that you can manage your online marketing campaign from anywhere in the world. The Internet is a valuable tool whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or an online business, and a Web site for your business is virtually indispensable in our time of advanced technology. The Internet allows you to promote, advertise, and market your business in a cost-efficient manner, giving you the opportunity to focus your costs on other areas of your business.

There is no better marketing tool to place at your disposal. Using the Internet has become more convenient and available. Laptops, cell phones, and even iPods have the ability to connect to the Internet in most public places via a wireless connection. The Internet consists of billions of people who have the ability to reach out directly to your business or organization from anywhere in the world.

You have the capability of advertising to all these potential clients for little capital investment. Having a Web page is not enough as a marketing and advertising strategy. A common misconception among new business owners or established business owners who are simply not getting the marketing they desire is the idea that creating a Web site will be enough to promote their company on a mass level. Your Web site is just one small part of your entire marketing plan, depending on your business goals. Many successful real estate agents want to advertise and promote their business on the Web, and for them creating a Web site is good, but if it is not promoted and advertised, no one will ever know about it.

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By passing out business cards with their Web site URL embossed on them, they are using a traditional marketing campaign to promote their Web site. If they offer a downloadable and printable informational article about their local market from their Web site, or create a place for home buyers to enter information about the home they are looking for so they can be e-mailed each time a home meeting their criteria is listed for sale, they are successfully using their Web site as part of their marketing strategy to meet the goal of increased business.

No one has to be a computer geek, Webmaster, or even have a lot of online experience to quickly learn how to effectively market a business online with a small budget. The best news for real estate agents and brokers is that most potential buyers or sellers of real estate are already searching online.

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So take advantage of that by providing them with the information and services they are searching for. This book is simple and is designed for individual real estate agents or brokers who do not have an information technology department and are marketing within a limited budget. This book will show you how to tailor your marketing to not only the World Wide Web, but also to the community you serve. It will help you decide if you want to continue only with your current Web site, or if you need multiple Web sites to accomplish your marketing and financial goals.

This book also shows you how to build better Web sites that efficiently market your services.

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We will cover building new Web sites, a separate blog Web site, using a professional designer, design mistakes to avoid, and how to make your Web site valid using Web standards. You will be instructed on how to build a marketing list, how to capture contact information, how to use an auto-responder, as well as legal considerations for commercial Internet marketing and tips for newsletter and e-zine creation. We will address polling your prospects, selling your prospects on other services, asking for referrals, and keeping your prospects up to date.

In Chapter 2, we will discuss branding, some additional Internet marketing techniques, continuity in all your marketing, finding easy-to-remember domain names, and developing a professional image. Chapter 3 will deal with developing your public profile, improving your visibility using online social networking, remaining up to date on trends, current market information, posting on blogs and forums, and utilizing print media in conjunction with the Internet to gain maximum exposure.

Chapter 4 will present ideas for keeping your Web sites up to date, getting listed in online phone books, and listing your Web site in major directories. In Chapters 5 and 6, we will delve into understanding search engines, search engine optimization, and how to use search engines to your advantage. Chapters 7 and 8 will instruct the reader on building a new Web site and maximizing traffic to your Web site. Chapter 9 will help you turn Web site traffic into prospects and give you other helpful tips for communicating with your prospects.

In Chapter 10, we will get into the world of pay-per-click marketing and will detail how to effectively use Google AdWords. Chapters 11 and 12 will address banner advertising, reasons to use it, banner exchange programs, how to use an affiliate program to get other people to promote your listings, and how they get paid for it. Chapter 13 will cover the important topic of blogging. You will come to understand how much blogging can enhance your image, keep your Web site fresh, and get you recognized as an expert real estate agent or broker in your area.

Welcome Home: Insider Secrets to Buying or Selling Your Property -- A Canadian Guide

Chapter 14 reveals the new, hot real estate market on eBay, how to advertise on it, and the benefits of an eBay storefront. Chapter 15 covers the topic of when to outsource and how to do it without going over budget. This book also offers case studies of 15 top agents and brokers who have used online marketing, and reveals their secrets and techniques.

Twenty million people are browsing home listings each month. Gone are the days when home buyers would drive around neighborhoods every weekend searching for their dream home. They now have the option of surfing the Web and automatically receiving daily e-mail updates about new homes on the market that meet their exact specifications. This new breed of Internet-savvy home buyer expects more from an agent now than previous generations did.

The statistics of Internet usage for online real estate services are in, and the results are promising.

7 Powerful Real Estate Agents Tips - Sales Techniques of the Real Estate Masters

Currently, about 65 percent of consumers use the Internet to search for real estate services, but as more people become aware of the ease and convenience of online real estate Web sites, this number is expected to rise. Also, as online real estate services expand and computer ownership grows, the number of people using online real estate Web sites will grow more rapidly in the next few years.

The top Realtors online are seeing annual sales of four to eight million dollars. How is this possible? They have learned the secrets of aggressive online marketing, and as can happen in traditional business, they have managed to shut out their competition. The process of getting your name on the Internet may seem challenging at first, but using the techniques in this book can lead to recognition of your name and branding so you will gain a reputation as the top person in your field for your local area.

When a consumer decides to start looking at purchasing a home, some may go online first to peruse their local market and see what is currently available. This is a perfect opportunity to win their trust and grab the sale. No one should fool themselves into thinking that personal interaction is no longer a necessary element of online real estate success.

Focus on a Sale: 9 Insider Secrets to Making Your Listing Photos Shine

A Web site must offer a personal touch and an easy avenue to a local real estate agent by offering contact information and by allowing the consumer to opt for the agent to contact them by phone or e-mail. Customers want a Web site, with useful features, that helps them through the process of buying or selling property.

The great news is, this book is going to show you how to give it to them. When a potential home buyer goes online to research real estate agents, available homes, and financing options, your Web site should be as close to a one-stop shop as possible. Consumers want to be educated, not just marketed to. There are many first-time home buyers who do not understand the difference between an adjustable rate mortgage and a fixed rate mortgage. What will attract buyers to your Web site is current information about mortgages and interest rates; the types of loans available with major lenders and the pitfalls associated with various loans is valuable information to potential home buyers.

They may be first-timers who need to know what principle, interest, taxes, and insurance PITI is and why it matters. The most important feature is listings of currently available homes or links to Web sites that provide them. Consumers want to be able to look at all available homes on the market and the market in general. They want to know where the hot spots are in their community. Included in this should be features or links that show comparable homes in the neighborhood, current value, and last selling price. Web sites that offer these services such as zillow.

Zillow offers aerial views of homes, values, and comparable homes and values in the neighborhood. Trulia posts available properties for thousands of agencies and makes its money from ad revenues on its Web site. Buyers like virtual tours of homes online so they do not waste their time driving to homes that are not specific to their wants and needs.

The need for virtual tours cannot be overemphasized. These tours can save your clients a lot of time and also give them the chance to pinpoint what they like and do not like.

Home Staging Tips & Checklist | HouseLogic

What should you include in your virtual tours? The number-one feature is the kitchen, followed by the bathroom. Detailed pictures and angles can go a long way toward drawing in buyers.