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  2. I CANT GET NO SATISFACTION UKULELE (ver 2) by The Rolling Stones @
  3. The Story Behind Devo’s Iconic Cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction”
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The poll was conducted in November and December , as part of Gallup's research into life in faith communities. The sample was drawn randomly from the U. As a result, the data can be considered representative of the U.

Naturally, people of different ages want different things out of life. A date for Saturday night and an "A" on the physics midterm can often make a college student's life complete. But at 45, satisfaction may be more a function of health, family, and work. Still, the Americans most likely to strongly agree that they are "completely satisfied" are those older than 60, who have probably experienced and accomplished more than their younger counterparts and now have more time for reflection.

I CANT GET NO SATISFACTION UKULELE (ver 2) by The Rolling Stones @

Perhaps the most obvious place to look for life satisfaction differences is among different income levels. On the other hand, a January Gallup Poll on the mood of the nation found that income did appear to make a difference.

Being married seems to improve one's chances for contentment. This is a finding that has been echoed in other recent studies.

In their report, The State of Our Unions , authors David Popenoe and Barbara Dafoe Whitehead put it this way, "Marriage … contributes to the physical, emotional and economic health of men, women and children, and thus to the nation as a whole. It is also one of the most highly prized of all human relationships and a central life goal of most Americans.

Although the main goal of religion may not be to satisfy earthly desires, people who had been to church recently were slightly more likely to say they are satisfied than those who had not. It was the first fuzzbox guitar that makers Gibson had made, and due to the popularity of the song they'd sold out of them by the end of that year.

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The Story Behind Devo’s Iconic Cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction”

Like this song? Try these Walk On By Dionne Warwick. What's on Radio 2 Documentaries Find out more about current and forthcoming documentaries on Radio 2. Explore the BBC. Full Schedule. The band used to rehearse in their practice space outside of Akron, in an abandoned garage behind a car wash. They had no heat and would rehearse wearing winter coats and gloves with the fingers cut off, so that they could play their guitar strings.

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The drummer Alan Myers joined in with a typically bizarre Devo beat. We just kept playing it, and Mark just started singing.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

It pretty much encapsulated what was going on with kids at that time, much more than any of the hippie songs, as far as I was concerned. The more Devo played the song, the more it evolved—or devolved. Early videos show a version much slower than it would become—a mid-tempo rumble that wore out its welcome by the end. Warner Bros.

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From the start, there was tension during the recording sessions. Most always, we took all the stuff out that they did. Casale thinks Warner may have been worried that their cover was so different that it might have been considered satire—a separate legal entity for which one needs permission.