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Fees charged by Valve Corporation. Ho Anh Thai Author. Publication Date. September Page Count.

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    Revue phil , — Sensations and Movement. European Journal of Social Psychology , — Red Enhances Human Performance in Contents. Nature , — When the Referee Sees Red. Psychological Science , — Seeing Red?

    Putting Sportswear in Context. Nature , E10 — E Proceedings of the Royal Society B , — Putting Sportswear in Context'. Cambridge : Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    Red Mist (2011)

    Attrill, Martin J. Journal of Sports Sciences , 26 6 : — Cyber Psychology and Behavior , 11 3 : — 7. Red is a Distractor for Men in Competition. Evolution and Human Behavior , 28 4 : — Elliot, Andrew J. Journal of Experimental Psychology , 1 : — European Economic Review , 53 1 : 1 — However, it was not until the mid s with the massive expansion of teams and colours that alternate strips became commonplace.