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Trapped in a basement after an apocalyptic earthquake, a betrayed wife grudgingly struggles to keep her helpless husband alive, praying for rescue before a relentless horde of undead parasites dig through the rubble to devour them. At an upscale restaurant serving human flesh, four employees band together and revolt against the owners.

An Anthology of Critical Essays

But like any revolution, the government intervenes. Across a post-apocalyptic landscape haunted by undead spirits known as Companions, a victim must choose between dying with her husband or leaving him for dead. Driven by guilt, she surrenders to a violent intruder to fight sadistic survivors, face the horrors of the Companions, and bleed for a shot at redemption. The Paisley Witch Trial - Pilot. A 17th century Scots midwife with an illicit past is accused of witchcraft by a wealthy landowner's daughter, triggering a religious frenzy as the town quickly focuses its wrath and intolerance on the midwife and a handful of social outcasts.

Silver Moraine: A Memoir of Horror

The Bells. A pious, Victorian, farmer's widow has a crisis of faith, and reclaims her autonomy, as she and a jaded doctor try to save their village from a zealot priest -- and an illness turning the deceased into the undead. Bare Metal. Jess Gupta Horror Feature pages. Employees at a tech startup must fight for their lives when a murderous AI takes over their facility, intent on making a body for itself.

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Kayla Knutson Horror Television One-hour 65 pages. The disappearance of a friend forces a group of teenagers into the supernatural world of their hometown as they confront each other, their own secrets, and who, or what, is hunting them all. Sinful Autonomy. Miles Robinson Horror Feature 88 pages. After bodies start turning up around his district, an Amish cabinet maker with a fascination over modern technology must defend his family and community from a loud deadly menace trolling the surrounding forest.

The Lost Camp. Three boys at a sleepaway Summer camp discover an abandoned, Old West town that is home to dark spirits intent on vengeance.

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After her husband disappears, pregnant and tenacious Ursella Amarlin struggles to keep her family safe from a slug-like demon that has her husband in its grip and is bent on their destruction. The Black Eyed Kids. When a mysterious encounter with a supernatural child unleashes a terrifying pandemic, Jax sets out to uncover what happened to his brother and the town's missing high school girl… but he discovers something much more sinister is at play.

After an addicted therapist sacrifices the egos of her clients to a demon in exchange for her salvation, she attempts to renege on the agreement, leaving herself and her clients trapped in insanity with only one way out. To work with our professional proofreaders, simply sign up to Reedsy. Create your account today to get a free quote or advice. Writing a book? Check out these free day Reedsy Learning courses.

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The Project Gutenberg eBook, Alaska, by Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore

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2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards Results

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